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If this is the first time you’re using a mobile greeting cards service, you may be confused about how everything works. This page is designed specifically for you to learn more and understand anything you’re uncertain about. Just browse through the frequently asked questions until you’re satisfied. If you’re still unsure about something, feel free to contact us by filling in an online request form.
  1. What is MCards website?
    MCards is an innovative and young service brought to you by MobileLigent Pty Ltd. MCards is the only website in Australia that is fully dedicated to providing mobile ecards for all occasions and bulk SMS to be sent to many countries including Australia, the UK, America, New Zealand, China, Germany, the Netherlands etc... We recognise that people are too busy in the modern life to find time to purchase and post a paper card. Hence, MCards provides a service that provides the opportunity to stay in contact with friends/family instantly with ease. Our objective is to create a means of accessing a fun, quirky and exciting world of images and cards that will enhance our customers non-verbal communication, with the individuals in their lives.

  2. How does it work?
    • MCards are sent using MMS (Multimedia Message Service). We provide a wide range of ready-made mobile greeting cards for you to choose from our Website. On top of that, we also allow you to search for pictures and images in a particular theme on the Web (such as birthday cards and love cards) and use them as your MMS card. Once you select a card you like, all you need to do is add your own text and send it directly to the recipient's mobile phone via a mobile network as an MMS.

    • SMS: Our SMS gateway provider has partnered with almost all the largest mobile network operators in the world to ensure that any of your messages to friends and family around the world are covered by us. We offer one of the best deal in international SMS service in Australia and worldwide with the cheap rate of less than 20 cents per SMS to any acountry.
  3. What is MMS?
    MMS stands for "Multimedia Message Service", it is an advanced version of SMS (Short Message Service). While we can only send 160 characters with SMS, with MMS we can send messages with pictures and sound embedded to the message.

  4. Can I send SMS and MMS eCards to a non-Australian mobile number (i.e. other countries)?
    We can send SMS and mCards to more than 120 networks across 60 countries. Especially, we can send to any mobile number in Australia and UK. You can check out our MMS coverage and SMS coverage maps. The mobile numbers entered must be in their international format. For example, if an Australian number is 04xxxxxxxx then the international format is 614xxxxxxxx; similarly, if a UK number is 07xxxxxxxxx then its international format is 447xxxxxxxxx.

  5. What if the recipient's mobile phone does not support MMS?
    If the recipient's mobile phone does not support MMS, a URL will be sent to the phone, so the receiver can view it from a network carrier's web portal. For some carriers, the customers need to register with the carrier's portal (such as OptusZoo for Optus and VodafoneLive for Vodafone) to view the mCard.

  6. Does my or recipient's mobile phone need to be 3G phones?
    Not necessary. 3G mobile phones enable you to access a wide range of 3G services with fast mobile Internet connection, however you don't need a 3G mobile phone to view mCards.

  7. Can I send SMS from this site too?
    Yes, you can. We offer cheap rates to send bulk SMS to multiple numbers at the same time. Visit our SMS composer page and send your texts now! You could send SMS to more than 60 countries with the same local rate (20 cents per SMS).

  8. Who should I contact, if I got problem?
    May you have any questions, we would be happy to assist you. Please email us at support(at) or use the web form at Contact Us page.

  9. How is my personal information treated?
    We highly respect your personal information. The information you provide us during registration is only used to serve you better. You can view our privacy policy to understand more about our guidelines to protect your private data.

  1. How much does it cost?
    Each SMS message cost 1 credit and each individual MMS greeting card costs 5 credits. Customers need to buy credits from us to send mCards or SMS. Each credit costs $0.20. However, bulk purchases are available with a cheaper rate. Buy 25 credits for $5 or 60 credits for $10 or 100 credits for $15 and 150 credits for $20. Check out our payment page for details how much you could save by purchasing prepaid packages.

    When you buy X number of credits, X credits will be credited to your account. Each time you send an SMS, 1 credit will be deducted from your account. 5 credits will be deducted for sending an mCard.

  2. How do I pay?
    We use Paypal, the world's most popular and reliable payment service, as our payment gateway. You don't need to have an account with Paypal to pay us. You also don't need to worry about the security since all of it is taken care of by Paypal.Paypal accepts all kinds of credit cards. Visit for more details.

  3. How can I earn extra credits?
    We encourage users to share their contents among each other. Therefore, we have a reward scheme to grant bonus credits to users whose published contents are used by other users. For every card (audios are not applicable) published by you and sent out by a user, you will be granted 1 mCard credit.

  1. How can I upload my own image or audio file to send to a friend?
    First you need to be a registered user with MCards. Once you register and log in, follow the steps below:
    • Click on the "My Space" icon on the top menu after you log in.
    • Under the "Upload new content" section, enter short description for the media.
    • Select whether it's an image or a ringtone.
    • Browse to select a file on your computer.
    • Enter the "anti-spam" words in the text box.
    • Click "Upload".

    Once your media file is uploaded successfully. You can click on either "Images" or "Audios" link under the "Summary" section to view it. To send an uploaded image to a friend, select an image in your list and fill in the form in the "MMS Composer" page.

  2. How do I search pictures on the Internet and use them as my greeting cards?
    Right on every page, you see a text box on the right hand side corner, just under the Flash banner. Enter the keywords for the pictures you want to search for such as "birthday greeting cards", "get well cards", "miss you", then press on the "Go" button. Make sure you select the radio box "Web" as you want to search for all images available on the Internet.

    Once you select a card that you like, click on it and you will be lead to the MMS composer page where you can enter a personal greeting message and a midi audio file to your MMS.

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